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The core message of The Yogi Trademark is that the ends do not justify the means. It’s how you live your life, and how you treat yourself and those around you that is central to being a happier human, a beneficial community member, and an earth steward.  Central to treating someone well is being truly authentic - especially in our most intimate relationships. But true authenticity is deceivingly difficult to achieve and equally difficult to maintain. No human can do it alone. It requires another tenacious person(s), an excellent therapist, priest, several honest friends, a lover, or yoga teacher to light your desire for self-awareness - to help you ask yourself who you are and how you’re currently treating people.


With that mission in mind, we will be premiering a series of discussions where Dan and Chris (writers/directors) interview healers and teachers who focus on the myriad of ways

we can improve our own well-being and each other’s lives.


FULL Episode 1 - 02/18/22 - Lisa Taylor, Founder - The Hive Holistic (thehiveholistic.com)
00:00 / 38:42
FULL Episode 2 - Taylor Ventura, Soft Skills coach - Winning Feathers (winningfeathers.com)
00:00 / 34:05