First inspired by a flyer where an entrepreneurial meditation guru trademarked the title of his workshop, “Embrace Your Light!™,” our project has evolved.  After ayurvedic lectures, academic research, therapy, and hours of yoga classes, so have we. What started as a fun, but slightly-snarky, expensive, mockumentary script is now a respectful, lean budgeted, meaningful comedy that we hope adds to the creative voice of independent film – 

a hero's journey of a woman who learns to stop seeing love as a conquest of admiration but as a cultivation of the rich relationships that already surround her.


Similar to the film Devil Wears Prada’s attractiveness to audiences as it both honored and lampooned actual facts about the fashion industry, we based a great deal of our story on many unbelievable and humorous facts about the yoga industry which should similarly attract, entertain, and educate our audience. Yes, there is a movement to bring yoga to the Olympics and yes, there is a surprisingly incestual relationship between the US Yoga Federation and particular yoga gurus. But ultimately our story is meant to uplift the viewer, to illustrate how love surrounds you when you embrace it as a verb.


The steeled heart of an ambitious mommy blogger is pried open when she goes undercover to expose a charismatic guru's hell bent plan to bring his competitive yoga to the Olympics.





The Tina Fey, Amy Schumer, and Mindy Kaling's of the television and film world are building a cache of female driven comedic content that challenges Western norms, and audiences are responding enthusiastically.


This unique new voice of self-effacing truth delivered with laughter is the perfect tool to communicate the benefits of self-awareness, and mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation, to an American culture seeped in narcissism.  


Our story of a well-meaning and lost woman attempting to navigate her own narcissism at the feet of an even more confused and narcissistic competitive yoga guru - rides spiritual tension in a fun and meaningful way.


With the shifting nature of American culture becoming more globalized commercially and spiritually, it is our hope that the film will help push the mindfulness movement further into the mainstream of America, and the West, for the benefit of families, communities, and the planet. While the film is not preachy it does make a statement - we’re all perfect the way we are, and we all can use some improvement ...  continuously.